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Dive Into the New Age of Avada Connect

Key Features

Advanced Analytic Search

The Advanced Analytic Search feature enables users to search all footage by inputting defined search criteria with enhanced filtering .

Advanced Search can search based on Object Type, Vehicle Model, Colour, Gender, Age, Clothing etc..

This feature enables users to find footage much faster than any other system.

Selective Back Up

The Selective Back Up Feature enables users to back up just the data they require. Users can back up either just motion detected footage, object detected footage, bookmarks, a selection of all three, or all data along with selective camera and streams.

This feature provides greater control over on and off site storage.

Enhanced Grouping

The Enhanced Grouping Feature enables users to group together Cameras, Streams, Video Encoders and Web Pages which can then be given access rights accordingly. Great for larger system management and supports drag and drop recording changes.

Timeline Thumbnails

The Timeline Thumbnail feature provides the user with an instant popup thumbnail while hovering over the timeline bar. 

This feature enables users to search historic events on the fly much faster.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

The Two Factor Authentication feature provides added security for anyone accessing the system either on site or remotely if required.

Users will be forced to use an Authentication App - (Google or Microsoft Authenticator) to provide system access.

Inbuilt Proxy to Hardware

Local device and  application web pages can be proxied via the Server application and viewed via a remote secure connection. This allows for easy, secure access to integrated security products / devices as well as management of IT infrastructure and related services.

Audio Routing

The Audio Routing feature enables users to create a soft button on any existing camera without audio capabilities, and utilise a nearby speaker or nearby cameras audio features.

The soft button can be pressed to allow either directional or bi directional audio s required.

Auto Updates

The Avada Connect Auto Update feature can be configured to download any available updates in the background.

It will then advise users when the download is complete and the user can then update the software when required.

Auto Updates are optional and can be disabled if required.

Encrypted Back Up

The Encrypted Back Up feature enables users to add AES-128 Encryption to archive back ups.

When this feature is enabled the back up will only be viewable on Desktop, Mobile and Web Clients.

This feature provides enhanced security.

Recording Failover

The Recording Failover feature enables users to define  secondary hardware to record streams, in the event of hardware failure.

This ensures recording is seamlessly maintained at all times.

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