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The Future of VMS - Today 

Avada Connect is a simple to use, scalable, multi platform VMS (Video Management System) designed to record, view analyse and manage video footage in real time.

The Avada Connect
Video Management System
will make your life easier 

Multi Vendor Integration

Connect, Discover and manage 99%  of IP video devices including Analogue CCTV encoders and legacy systems

Native support for over 750 existing manufacturers  with support of in camera capabilities

Storage Integrations

Manage existing storage from within the Avada Connect VMS.

Support for local NVR, DVR, HDDs, NAS, SANs and iSCSI 

Integration with your existing or our own Secure Cloud Storage Solution

Cyber Security

Developed to combat Man In The Middle and Ransomware attacks, 

End to End Encryption with custom encryption keys and Two Factor Authentication

Multi User 

Multi User Support

Add users and manage permissions with custom roles.

Integration with LDAP and Active Directory and more.

Avada Connect VMS is an extremely dependable, completely customisable Video Management System.

Our software has been developed with a focus on multi integration capabilities while keeping the end user interface simple to navigate.

Our software is Simple to Use, Easy to Install, and extremely lightweight, and can be installed within minutes.

We have adapted the software to enable users to connect anywhere, anytime from any device.

The softwares Auto Discovery feature  will find and integrate with over 750 manufacturers  within minutes and  supports 1 - 10,000 Cameras and integrates with over 750 existing manufacturers.

High Speed Search function will analyse a years worth of recordings in seconds.

With an option to subscribe to our own Cloud Hot Storage Solution, we can provide you with the resilient back up of your existing recording equipment, or create a bespoke Hybrid recording solution that is tailored to your business.​

Extremely Dependable, 
Completely Customisable,

We are Proud of our Numbers


Years of Experience


Existing Clients


Existing Staff



Are You Ready to 
Join the Avada World ?

Here at Avada Connect we are a friendly team, renowned for our knowledge of the security industry.

We love what we do and our team are with you every step of the way through pre-sales, integration and ongoing technical support.

We are constantly developing our software to integrate with the latest manufacturers to ensure we remain a front runner in our industry.

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